In everyday life, is not easy to talk about ejaculation! In addition to shyness, which is, of course, understandable in relation to sexuality, talking about ejaculation can arouse memories that people would prefer to keep silent.

Initially it’s about night outings. A dreaded puberty discovers that he has popped the sheets. Dried sperm leaves a stain on the shed. In some families, the event is accompanied by a friendly affection, even with pleasure. Some people prefer to not to ask the matter. Others are condemning this evidence for moral reasons or because of an extra work for washing

Ejaculation also means:

  • The bleaching of a viscous fluid that arrives at the same site as the urine, and is thus implicitly positioned between the secretions;
  • The proof of man’s climax: no one can hide when it happens or pretend that it happened when it is expected; of course, a man can experience a peak without ejaculating, and ejaculating without a peak; and when he ejaculates, he ejaculates!
  • A human product that is difficult to classify: both valuable (seed) and annoying (filling underwear at an inappropriate time).

Ejaculation follows the end of the erection, which can be repeated only after a certain time, which may take a few seconds for the younger and for the elderly could be a few days. Therefore, ejaculation means the end of the fun and the end of the coitus, since there is no longer sufficient strength. If we want to continue sexual intercourse, we must find ourselves and use what we have at hand (fingers, mouth, various toys, etc.)

It is also necessary to fight against the tiredness of the one who has experienced a peak because his body releases endorphins, some kind of natural opiates that make the man euphoric and give him a sense of “floating”

So, when do we say ejaculation is premature? There is no objective definition.

What does it mean that the sexual intercourse is too short? Which point do we take as the starting point for this calculation? Is this a moment of penetration? Is the start at foreplay?

Some ejaculate already before the penetration, in the hands or on the partner’s outer split. Some will find it too little for five minutes, while others will count if they will last one minute for success.

Premature ejaculation is a fairly new concept, which came into being only after the lust of the woman and her expectations of satisfaction also began to be taken into account. A young man will become acquainted with his sexuality by simply “reading” the responses of his partner. If he does not get any comments from her, he has a problem to see himself and his own sexual activity from the distance.

Before ejaculation, there is a feeling that ejaculation is inevitably approaching: nothing can stop, neither willful will, nor the compression of all the muscles of the intercourse. In some, however, this feeling of inevitable ejaculation can disappear, in these cases of a man, this sudden, unforeseen and unmanageable event is a surprise. The anger further increases the feeling that everything is getting out of hand: self-control, the ability to delay, trigger, and now even the ability to anticipate ejaculation.

The man who experienced this have difficulty to finding words to describe how very powerless they feel, because this is more powerful than them. Sexuality is no longer a game or a pleasure. They find that there is nothing left for them to accept the ejaculation that is imposed on them and interrupt the sexual intercourse without warning.

Often, a partner is the one who insists that a man goes to see a doctor or a sexual therapist. Sometimes this is another wife. The first one accepted or gave up on the idea of ​​her right to pleasure in a sexual act.

By Vesna Jarc